Friday, February 3

The Popular Game Gourd, Crab and Fish

The popular game Gourd, Crab and Fish can be played on your mobile phones whether it is an Android or an iOS. It’s easy to play and it can help you earn real cash. This is the reason why this game is popular in many online casinos. This game is almost the same as the Chinese game Sic Bo. The game allows for six guesses, which include Gourd, Crab, Fish, Tiger, Chicken, and Shrimp. In every shake, there are three dice that will render three results. They have the chance to stack together. An example would be fish, fish, and shrimp or perhaps three of a kind. The payout rate can reach up to 150 times where players can bet on a variety whether 1 or 2.

The How-Tos

Playing the น้ําเต้าปูปลา is like playing the Sic Bo where players can make a variety of guests. To bet is to stab. An example of this is stabbing the tiger. If the result comes out as tigers, crabs, and fish, the player can stab the tiger. The payout rate is 1 times the stake.

Double bet is also possible which means two bets for instance crab and fish. When the result is crab, gourd, and fish, it will be considered two wins. The payout rate is five times the amount of the bet.

Online Casino Games

Players can also make the odd-even bet in which the payout rate is 8 times the amount of the bet.

It is also possible for them to bet on the total points in which the payout rate is 17 times the amount of the bet.

Then another bet is known as Stabbing a Tong. Its payout rate is 150 times the amount of bet.

Some Techniques in Playing

It is important for players to be observant when they play เกมส์น้ำเต้าปูปลา. It is an important principle to see which direction the game is going. It is also important to make money fast. The technique that is more popular in online casinos is betting on colors red, green, and blue. It is wise to look at the statistics in the past and observe what color has been betted on. The payout rate in a particular color is times 1 while if the player hits three colors

Gourd, Crab and Fish is a fast online casino game. If you do well, you can earn profits fast as well. Just be mindful of the historical statistics and guess how the game will go based on the result of the dice. It is also important to be conscious of one’s game and to be cool while at it. It’s good to know that the chances of winning in the game is quite high.