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What is the difference between the bookmaker and w88

Some people think that bookmaker and w888 slot both are same, but then this is not true completely. There is a lot of difference between these two. The latter provides more value, the opportunity of trading and has less rigidity while allowing to set odds on your own. The exchanges are much more valuable as compared to a bookmaker. In the bookmaker, the odds are set by the bookies and they have the option to back a certain outcome. Whereas in case of an exchange the player has the option of either backing or laying.

Some players find bookmakers easy as it is the traditional means of gambling while w888 slot seems a lot more daunting. But once you realize the power, terms, and means of the exchange process then you will make it the best choice for any bettor.

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Exchange provides better odds which means more value

If you are choosing a bookmaker for betting then you can choose only the odds that the bookmaker offers and you have no power of selection. Sometimes the bookmaker can keep his margin of as high as 20% with the means of unfair odds. If you are having a good experience in gambling and betting then you can easily calculate the betting margins and how it can reduce your profit.

If you choose w888 slot  then you get better competitive odds as this is a peer to peer platform and the system is driven by the supply and demand mechanism. This results in a more competitive environment and better odds. The better the odds the more value one can earn. This means the same bet can yield you more profit as compared to betting with a bookmaker.

Giving commission vs betting margin

w88 charge some commission while doing a peer to peer exchange which is around 2% of the net winnings for a market. If there is a loss then no commission is paid. But in case of bookmakers, you have to pay them irrespective of the results. They add up their margin in any scenario. Hence it is better to choose exchanges instead of the bookmaker.

Back and lay –

In betting with a bookmaker you have the option of only backing but the exchanges allow backing as well as lay betting options. With the lay option, even betters can behave as bookmakers and set odds for an event.