Monday, May 29

There are many types of games of chance

Bingo, slot machines, traditional lotteries such as the Italy Lottery, instant lotteries such as Scratch & Win and lotto, totalizator number games such as SuperEnalotto are among those where fate is king. None of them provide the possibility for you to exercise real control . You can increase your odds of winning by making more spins, buying several tickets or betting on combinations of numbers, and only slightly, but you have no way of influencing the single spin . Consequently, to speak of “systems” that guarantee victory means to delude oneself of being able to exercise control, an idea that is the fruit of irrational convictions PG สล็อต.

The sports-based games include, among others, the old Totocalcio and Totogol and, above all, the bets that are so popular today. On the web sites proliferate where you can bet on the results of football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and many other sports. And of any series, even the minor ones from foreign countries. Indeed, you can bet on non-sporting events, such as the outcome of political elections or the first name that the vip couple will decide for their eldest child.


The player who does not want to bet online can turn to the numerous betting shops now scattered throughout the national territory.In deciding which team to bet on, some bettors more than others are adept at considering the rankings, the fitness of the athletes and the outcome of previous rounds. And also the possible injuries of important players, the “history” of the direct matches, the respective game modules. Making good decisions, in this sense, means weighing the greatest number of factors and knowing how to evaluate the convenience of the odds proposed by the betting agency you have relied on. A rational attitude can have a certain positive influence on the outcome of the bet . However, once again we must not be deceived. Even in betting the role of luck is predominant. The single episodes in the field often have the better of even the most thoughtful of decisions.

A small number of games of chance allow the development of mathematical-probabilistic strategies. They are the so-called “games of skill”, of which the best example is backgammon while the best known is poker, including its variants such as Texas Hold’em. A game is defined as a game of skill when it is possible to calculate with mathematics the probability that a move is winning or losing compared to that of the opponent . In poker this is possible for you because the number of cards in the deck is fixed and their value is predetermined. You cannot influence the distribution of the cards, your lot or that of the opponents, but you can make the weight of the variable “luck” marginal with the statistical calculation and the strategy, that is with the approach with which you face the opponents.