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Slots Online Glossary

Are you totally new to playing slots online? Welcome! Here’s the comprehensive glossary with terms that you want to know to enjoy playing the game of slots.

Bet – Placing your bet means wagering and staking some amount on outcome of the spin in slot machine game. Player decides how much they’re keen to place each time, spin reels to see in case they won their bet, or how much they can get.

Bonus Features – Slots online features reward to the player at goldenslot สมัคร 100. The features will include anything from the free spin to new game as well as opportunity for winning jackpot.

Bonus Slots – The games at สมัคร goldenslot that feature the extra bonus slot game that isn’t necessarily in a format of the reel slot. But, it will offer the small video slot game, complete with the video bits as well as sound bites, and where player wagers on an outcome.

Flat-Top Slots – The non-progressive slot machine games that provide the constant payout that isn’t influenced by amount of the money that is accumulated and how many times the game is won.

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Free Spins – An ability to spin it again without losing any credit. It is generally offered as the bonus feature.

Fruit Machine – The common name for the slot machine game. Name originates from time that many slot machines were 3reel machines with the pictures of fruit over the reels that you were needed to match to win the game.

Hit – Winning spin in the slot machine game. The small hits can be wins and win you back that sum you are betting on spin, for example. Big hits will include winning that jackpot.

Jackpot – Top prize you will win when you are playing slots. It’s generally the large amount of money. Term originated from the poker, where “pot” (that is pool of wagers) kept on accumulating till player can open game with 2 Jack cards

Max Bet – To place maximum amount of the credits allowed every spin in the game. Max Bet button on game screen generally allows player to activate maximum bet. Most of the games need you to use the Max Bet to win largest payout.

Multiplier – The symbols that improve your winning sum. Suppose the spin results in the payout & includes multiplier symbol, wins will be multiplied. Suppose payout includes X3 multiplier, for example, winnings can be multiplied 3three-fold.